Board of Directors

2019 Board of Directors

Richard J. Petito (NYPD)   President    

Neil Delargy (Nassau County PD)   Vice President  

Michael Villa (NYPD)   2nd Vice President   

Richard H. Rottkamp (NYPD)   Treasurer   

Keith Bettinger (Suffolk County PD - Ret.)   Secretary   

William Petito (Garden City PD)   Recording Secretary   

Jack Darcy (NYPD)   Financial Secretary  

Luke Johnson (NYPD)   Sergeant-at-Arms   


 Lloyd Thompson (NYPD - Ret)

Larry Oliva (NYPD - Ret)

Kathleen Kalt (NYPD - Ret.)

Larry Lombardo (NYPD -Ret.)

Joseph H Wolf (NYPD - Ret)


Rev. James G. Anderson   Chaplain   

Fr. Douglas Arcoleo   Chaplain   

Fr. Joseph J. D'Angelo (516-572-6048)   Chaplain    

Fr. Christopher Costigan    Chaplain

Peter Guggenheim   Public Relations    

Peter Caso (516-937-5253)   General Counsel    

Dr. Robert Goebel (516-248-3647)   Chiropractor