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LI Shields History

 One night in August, 1969 "MEN IN BLUE", such as Ernie Cipullo (Garden City PD), Don Frost (Kensington PD), Jack Mahoney (NYPD), Stan Perlmutter (NYPD), Pete Reilly (Hempstead PD), Phil Rose (NYPD), plus other police buddies from various departments talked about forming an organization in Nassau County called "The Shields", as was being done in Rockland County. With the help of Nate Bennett, Clerk, Town of Hempstead and Charlie Stetz, then President of the Nassau Police Conference they were on their way.   They accepted an invitation to attend the September 1969, meeting of the NPC, and presented the idea which immediately drew the interest of many members. As a result of this interest they had their first meeting on October 9, 1969, at the old Garden City Hotel, and The Shields - Nassau County was formed. There were twenty six (26) members at that first meeting, Stan Perlmutter, a NYPD Detective was chosen as President or Chairman of the Board as it was then called. The following officers were also selected; Jack Ferguson - Vice Chairman, Don Frost - Treasurer, Jack Mahoney - Secretary and Ted Kalikosky - Recording Secretary. Within a month they started their first of many projects, a care package program for our servicemen in Vietnam. The Nassau Shields were off and running. 


Generating excitement

 The first newsletter was published in January 1970, a name contest was run, and "The Call Box" was born. Meetings were held at the Hempstead Elks, 200 North Franklin Street with Sedge Baldwin, a friend hosting. At the February meeting Bill Lombard, (a future President) informed the membership of a NYC Patrolman Bernie AquafIeda, who awoke one day found himself blind and in need of assistance. A fund to help Bernie was established, both Bill and Bernie became Shields members, as neither was a member when the fund was established   "Not Second Class - But First and Finest". This slogan we now take for granted was submitted by John Mulitz at one of our first meetings and was adopted by the membership. Our first Dinner/Dance was in September 1970, at Hoppl's Restaurant, Eisenhower Park. Jack Peploe, retired Nassau County PD joined us about this time, and introduced us to Congressman Lester Wolff, who backed us 100 per cent, helping us to gain creditability.   January 1971, brought a new Board with John Ferguson as President and Charles Stetz as Vice President. It became evident about this time that The Nassau Shields was on the way to becoming, and remaining a truly first class organization.  


  It has often been said that police officers don't stick together, but we in The Shields are changing that, by pulling together to improve the police image. HOW? Simply by doing something about it, not just sitting on our hands demanding it. We will speak out against the many injustices to law and order or to police officers in the performance of their duty. When circumstances dictate The Shields have been known to speak out, ie: in favor of the death penalty, against the unfair plea bargaining system, which favors the defendants.   As well as assisting police widows and children, we also have yearly scholarship drawings for our members children, as well as scholarships for members "special children". We have been known to run many enjoyable events for our members, their families and friends pleasure and entertainment.   Effective January 1, 1996 the organization name was officially changed to The Shields - Long Island Inc., approximately seven years after Suffolk dissolved their Shields organization, and indicated they had no intention to establish another organization.   The Shields - Long Island is a fraternal organization for police officers only, per the Criminal Procedure Law. Come to a meeting and see what we are about, we know you'll be back!!!    

Past Presidents

• Stanley Perlmutter (69-70)  

• John Ferguson (71-72)  

• William Lombard (73-76)  

• John F. Mahoney (77-78) 

• Richard Hennes (79-80)  

• Joseph Klun (81-82)

Richie Pettito (82-2019)